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  The Identity Hub makes it easy for your users to connect to your app (mobile, PC, web, SharePoint, ...) using all major identity providers like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Office 365, Active Directory, My Digipass & more, including your corporate databases. Your app users can securely login with the identity provider they already have or the one you set up for them.



  Cronos Security is a team of security professionals with a broad spectrum of expertise. We deliver end-to-end solutions from governance to security operations tailored to your business needs. Our team consists of experienced governance coaches to deep technical consultants.

  U2U Consult has been offering consulting & development services in the EMEA region for over 10 years. We offer services based on the Microsoft Azure stack, mobile development for all major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) & we run a unique identity management platform that allows secure & deep integration of your apps with any kind of backend (Login as a Service).

  G DATA ontwikkelde 30 jaar geleden het eerste programma ter wereld dat de strijd aanbond met computervirussen. Tegenwoordig is G DATA één van ’s werelds leidende leveranciers van IT-beveiligingsoplossingen. Het productportfolio bevat oplossingen voor consumenten en voor kleine en grote organisaties.